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Shevi Waterfall as a natural attraction of Khuzestan


Shevi Waterfall

Shevi Waterfall as a natural attraction in Dezful of Khuzestan. Shevi Waterfall as Natural Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran and is considered to be one of the most unique waterfalls in the Middle East. Mountain views, pristine scenery and spectacular views are on the way to this cascade, which will double the attractiveness of your trip. This waterfall emanates from the inside of the cave and, after it comes out, flows down from high cliffs. The water of this waterfall runs through a distance from the plains and mountains and ultimately enters the lake of the Dez Dam in Khuzestan province.



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About Shevi waterfall

Depending on how you approach the waterfall, you will see different landscapes. From the lush valleys to the small waterfalls that accompany you with the whisper of water, all of you give fresh impetus to your soul and get tired of your tone.

The shevi waterfall is located at the beginning of Khuzestan province, so the warm climate is waiting for you so it is best to visit it from mid March to late April because it has a disturbing weather during the hot months of the summer and in the months Winter is also colder due to its mountainous climate and its climate from other parts of the province.

Animals of Shevi area

Animals like goats, leopards, bears and salamanders constitute an important part of the habitat surrounding the waterfall. If we want to name the most important plant species that grew up around this area, we should mention trees such as willow, fig, vine, maple and oak.

There is another waterfall next to the waterfall, often referred to as the Second Shevi Waterfall or the Snake Falls. This cascade is within walking distance of about half an hour from the main waterfall, but be sure to walk this way worthy of having a completely different perspective from the main waterfall.

Shevi waterfall address

The first route begins from the Sardasht area of Dezful and Pirchil and it leads to the waterfall.. During this route, you should take 130 km from Dezful to the village of Sartnag and then follow the village to the waterfall for about two hours on foot.

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